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Recently Read posts are stories the editors of The United Methodist Reporter have found interesting from other sites and wanted to share with our readers. The editors do not necessarily endorse the opinions shared in these stories, and referral here should not imply endorsement of that content.

Recently Read: Church treasurer accused of stealing $444,000 from NY church

From the A former treasurer of a Manlius church who was also the financial head of a major charitable foundation has been indicted on charges of embezzling $444,000 from the church. The ex-treasurer, Mary Meyer, and her husband, John Osborn, wiped out the endowment of the United Methodist Church of Manlius where they worshipped, […]

Recently Read: AP picks up on Bishop Talbert announcement

The Associated Press (AP) has picked up on Bishop Melvin Talbert’s announcement that he will be performing a same-sex wedding at the end of the month, and the subsequent statements by North Alabama Conference Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett asking Bishop Talbert to not take this action: Retired since 2000, Talbert is still active in the United […]

Recently Read: Who is the pastor’s pastor?

Christie Thomas, the soon to be retired pastor of the Krum United Methodist Church in Krum, TX, shared today about the circumstances leading to her retirement. Throughout the article she asks the question that many UM pastor’s ask in tough circumstances: “Who is My pastor?” For me, certainly not my District Superintendent at the time. […]

Recently Read: The Church Needs More Innovative Pastors like MTV Needs More Twerking*

Patrick Scriven, Director of Communications and Young People’s Ministries in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, offers this insightful analysis critiquing the call that seems to permeate the UMC these days calling for more innovative pastors: The next time I hear a pastor argue that what the church really needs is more innovative pastors I might […]

Recently Read: A general secretary reports to GBGM

NEW YORK, NY — As a part of the fall meeting of the General Board of Global Ministries this week, General Secretary Thomas Kemper offered a lengthy report to the board on the work of the agency: I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that in recent years this mission agency, as representative of […]

Recently Read: Scammers using bishops names

Jessica Conner from the South Carolina UM Advocate reports on the latest scam artists preying on churches: According to the S.C. Conference of the UMC and the Council of Bishops, churches, pastors and laity across the country have been receiving fraudulent calls from a scam artist using the names of S.C. Resident Bishop Jonathan Holston, […]

Recently Read: Church Staffing and Justice

Teddy Ray talks about the topic that no one really wants to talk about: compensation levels and the disparity between ordained elders and other church staff: But if our leaders really believe that life is barely affordable on our clergy minimum compensation package, why aren’t they horrified that most of our other full-time workers aren’t […]

Recently Read: Proclaiming justice in the midst of shutdown

Jim Wallis of Sojourners fame tweeted this picture from the United Methodist building in Washington, D.C., home of the General Board of Church and Society: Recently Read Recently Read posts are stories the editors of The United Methodist Reporter have found interesting from other sites and wanted to share with our readers. The editors do […]

Recently Read: Bishop calls Pennsylvania to extend rights to all

Bishop Peggy Johnson of the Philadelphia Episcopal Area (Eastern Pennsylvania) recently submitted a letter to the editor of Philadelphia Inquirer arguing for the passage of an anti-discrimination law at the state level. She wrote: That is why I am speaking up for my lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) brothers and sisters. I was surprised […]

Recently Read: Engaging worship isn’t just a gimmick

Perhaps the best indicator of faithful worship isn’t the volume of the music or the brightness of the lighting but how many people are sitting on the edge of their seats. via Cynthia D. Weems: Exciting and engaging Christian worship isn’t just a gimmick | Faith & Leadership. Click on the link above to read […]