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Recently Read posts are stories the editors of The United Methodist Reporter have found interesting from other sites and wanted to share with our readers. The editors do not necessarily endorse the opinions shared in these stories, and referral here should not imply endorsement of that content.

Recently Read: Nashville pastor turns heads with church sign

The Rev. Bill Campbell recently got some press about the sign slogan he posted at the St. John’s UMC in West Nashville: “It’s a statement about children. It’s a statement about parenting. It’s a statement about our society and how we accept people and how we accept people that don’t have any choice in where […]

Recently Read: Clergy anger and the urgency of a true spiritual life

Tom Bandy offers an excellent reflection on the increase in clergy depression, and its source at Ministry Matters: The reason many clergy are depressed is that they are angry. And the reason that they are angry is that they are consistently victimized by dysfunctional bullies who wield power inside the church. Victimization is about emotional, […]

Recently Read: Update on the Colorado Floods

  The United Methodist News Service has provided a good overview on the United Methodist responses to the flooding in Colorado. Click here to check out their story on their UMC Connections blog.

Recently Read: Aldersgate UMC members earn national recognition

Service before self is the common denominator as four members of Aldersgate United Methodist Church have been recognized with national service awards. via Aldersgate United Methodist Church members earn national recognition | Click on the link above to read the full story.

Recently Read: Maryland church aims for ‘Hunger-free’ ZIP Code

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Kensington, Md., has set out to make the ZIP Code in which it resides—20895—the nation’s first “Hunger Free Zone.” via Maryland church aims for ‘Hunger-free’ ZIP Code | Baltimore-Washington Conference. Click the link above to read the full story.

Recently Read: It’s time for Mark Tooley to stop bullying Stanley Hauerwas and other pacifists

Morgan Guyton takes on Mark Tooley (president of the Institute on Religion & Democracy) for Tooley’s continued attacks on politicians and church leaders calling for peace: When people make these kinds of accusations flippantly without substantiation, they need to be called to account. Tooley doesn’t give any supporting evidence for this tremendous theological claim, which […]

Recently Read: Good News Magazine responds to Bishop Talbert

Tom Lambrecht from Good News responds to the recent story about Bishop Melvin Talbert’s sermon and blessing at the Reconciling Ministry Network’s ChurchQuake convocation: Good News laments the fact that, once again, leaders in our church are advocating for disobedience to our United Methodist covenant, without any public rebuke or accountability from the bishops, who are charged […]

Recently Read:Trapped — The Church Vocation Issue We Don’t Talk About

Gordon Atkinson, a former Baptist pastor and the blogger known to many as the “Real Live Preacher”, is starting a series of articles on ministers who are ready to leave their positions: Here is the thing that we don’t talk about: There are thousands of ministers out there who no longer wish to be ministers. […]

Recently Read: UMR columnist reflects on 9/11

UMR columnist and Claflin University chaplain Major Ken Walden was featured on the local Columbia, SC Fox affiliate. Click the link below to check it out: Ken Walden on WACH Recently Read Recently Read posts are stories the editors of The United Methodist Reporter have found interesting from other sites and wanted to share with […]

Recently Read: Can Francis Asbury help you be a more effective communicator?

Our friend Kevin Watson is starting a new series at Vital Piety looking at Francis Asbury’s communication skills. Drawing on John Wigger’s excellent biography of Asbury, Watson begins by considering Asbury’s “legendary piety and perseverance, rooted in a classical evangelical conversion experience.” Asbury was an effective communicator and leader, then, because people could see that […]