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Recently Read posts are stories the editors of The United Methodist Reporter have found interesting from other sites and wanted to share with our readers. The editors do not necessarily endorse the opinions shared in these stories, and referral here should not imply endorsement of that content.

LGBTQ allies gather at Duke Divinity Convocation

There’s been some controversy recently at Duke Divinity School about the place of LGBTQ persons in that community: Student Lizzie McManus-Dail said she asked a question at orientation regarding how to combat heteronormativity, which deals with gender separation, in classrooms. She said that Richard Hays, dean of the Divinity School, responded he was concerned the […]

Recently Read: RIP, average attendance

David Odom, Executive Director of Leadership Education at the Duke Divinity School, recently unpacked the growing uselessness of worship attendance as a metric of church vitality at the Faith & Leadership site: The growing lack of dependability on attendance is a sign that the virtuous cycles that have sustained congregations since the end of World […]

Downtown churches meet growing needs of younger congregations

“It will be extremely communal,” Hagans said of the smaller sessions. “It will be more about relationships and how we live our faith in day-to-day life, rather than strictly biblical. There will be ‘radical transparency’ around brokenness, without being judged or condemned.”

Recently Read: The United Methodist Church is Split on Gays. But is Schism the Answer?

There is something radical about people coming together each week despite major differences of opinion and still calling one another brother and sister. Schism threatens that.

Recently Read: The Vanishing of the Middle Class Clergy

Not only is church attendance in long-term decline, but financial giving by church members is at Depression-era lows. Meanwhile, seminary students are taking on ballooning debt for a career that may not exist by the time they graduate.

Recently Read: Complaint Filed Against 36 Pennsylvania United Methodist Clergy Who Blessed Gay Wedding

Michael Gryboski of The Christian Post reported Monday that action has begun in response to the actions of 36 UMC clergy last fall. The 36 clergy came together to bless a same-sex wedding at Arch St. UMC in Philadelphia. From the clergy group statement at the time of the wedding: “We acted as a matter […]

UMC Provides Connection to Native American Worship

Located just south of East Peoria Illinois you will find a unique United Methodist Church. Dayspring Native American United Methodist Church is part of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. From the Peoria Journal Star: Dayspring Native American United Methodist Church is located at 201 N. Norwood in East Peoria. Bec Land, a member of the […]

Recently Read: Retired pastor saw ‘destiny’ in self-immolation

Our friend and former editor Sam Hodges has the story of the Rev. Charles Moore, a retired pastor that recently set himself on fire as an act of protest against social injustice: In one note, hand dated June 16, 2014, Moore wrote: “This decision to sacrifice myself was not impulsive: I have struggled all my […]

Recently Read: Frank Schaefer Reinstated

The Rev. Frank Schaefer, who was stripped of his ministerial credentials in a church trial in summer of 2013 has been reinstated by Jurisdictional Committee on Appeals.

Recently Read: Duke Dorm Renamed

Aycock Hall was named after former North Carolina governor Charles B. Aycock who was a proponent for education in the state. Aycock was also was a leader among the white supremacy movement in the late 1890’s. Duke University is a United Methodist related school with the prominent Duke Divinity School. On Monday evening Duke University […]