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Book Review: A path to uniting Christians in common mission

And God Spoke to Abraham: Preaching from the Old Testament Fleming Rutledge Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2011 Paperback, 421 pages Fleming Rutledge is the most interesting preacher today working the fault line between the mainline churches and evangelicalism. Throughout this remarkable collection of Old Testament sermons, she calls for mainliners and evangelicals to realize […]

Book Review: ‘Saint Who Would Be Santa’

By Greg Garrett, Special Contributor… The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus Adam C. English Baylor University Press, 2012 Hardcover, 246 pages Not many holy people get the bumper sticker treatment. There was St. Francis in the ’60s, oft-presented as a hippie tree-hugger who loved everything and everybody. There was Mother Teresa, improbably quoted and […]

Wrap It Up! Books on faith still gladden hearts at Christmas

By Sam Hodges, Managing Editor and Mary Jacobs, Staff Writer… Getting pleasantly lost in a bookstore isn’t easy to do anymore. Bookstores have continued to close as readers and publishers embrace online book sales, digital books and e-readers. The recent announcement by the United Methodist Publishing House that all Cokesbury stores will be shuttered by […]

Book Review: Finding new paths to interfaith understanding

By Wes Magruder, Special Contributor…  Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World Brian McLaren Jericho Books, 2012 Hardcover, 288 pages   My conversion began with Mohammed, a smiling 21-year-old Sudanese refugee who began attending our small missional community called New Day, in North Dallas. He […]

Book Review: Chronological New Testament offers study tool

By David N. Mosser, Special Contributor…  Evolution of the Word: The New Testament in the Order the Books Were Written Marcus J. Borg HarperOne, 2012 Hardcover, 608 pages When I was a kid, the big biblical question around my church was whether we should read from the King James Version of the Bible or from […]

Book review: A valuable guide for social media ministry

By Mark Norman, Special Contributor Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible Elizabeth Drescher and Keith Anderson Morehouse Publishing, 2012 I have been blessed to speak to diverse people about many different things. I have discovered there are many opinions about social media. I often hear, “I have a cell phone and I do email, […]

Book Review: Seeking the best way to help orphans in Africa

By Wes Magruder, Special Contributor…   A Twist of Faith: An American Christian’s Quest to Help Orphans in Africa John Donnelly Beacon Press, 2012 Hardcover, 200 pages  I saw it happen several times as a United Methodist missionary living in Cameroon, West Africa. A church mission team from America would visit the mission and travel […]

Book Review: Theologian describes need for ‘prophetic imagination’

By David N. Mosser, Special Contributor… The Practice of Prophetic Imagination: Preaching an Emancipating Word Walter Brueggemann Fortress Press, 2012 Hardcover, 192 pages An inquisitive layperson recently asked about Josephus, and then Tacitus, as he was trying to track down the “historical Jesus.” Finally I suggested that he read about the Jesus of history in […]

Book Review: Guidance for living with the wounds of grief

By Marcia Dunbar, Special Contributor… When the One You Love Is Gone Rebekah L. Miles Abingdon Press, 2012 112 pages, paperback One of the most difficult times in a person’s life is the death of a loved one. Dealing with death is a struggle that is different for each person, and there is no right […]

Book Review: Resource for teaching local church stewardship

Committed to Christ: Six Steps to a Generous Life Bob Crossman Abingdon Press, 2012 With Committed to Christ, the Rev. Bob Crossman and his co-authors provide a stewardship program to guide churches beyond the yearly financial campaigns and into a lifestyle of giving. Dr. Crossman, a longtime pastor and director of the Arkansas Conference New […]