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CD Review: A singer’s album of repentance

By Sara Zarr, Special Contributor Born and Raised John Mayer Columbia Records Close your eyes and clone yourself Build your heart an army To defend your innocence While you do everything wrong  So opens “The Age of Worry,” the second track from John Mayer’s latest album, Born and Raised. I’ve been obsessively listening to that […]

CD offers songs outside standard Christian music

By Brian Q. Newcomb, UCC News… Mercyland: Hymns for the Rest of Us           (Various Artists, Produced by Phil Madeira) Mark Heard once wrote a song about being “Stuck in the Middle,” between the religious pieties of conservative Christian expressions and the stark reality of secularism. “Funny world we live in, it’s funny every day, half […]

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Artist’s Christian music leaves room for doubt, mystery and experience. Christian pop-rock artist Jonathan Rundman is out with a restrospective CD, and the Rev. Brian Q. Newcomb gives it an admiring review.  More…     CD blends spirituality from different cultures. Carrie Newcomer’s latest recording, Everything is Everywhere, surprises by drawing on Eastern influences. Staff […]

Artist’s Christian music leaves room for doubt, mystery and experience

By Brian Q. Newcomb, UCC News • • • Jonathan Rundman Self-titled solo album Salt Lady Records Jonathan Rundman’s main gig is being himself—working that fine line between garage-y pop-rock singer/songwriter and youth worker/church musician. Can you imagine Paul Westerberg as the contemporary worship band leader for an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregation, who’d […]

CD blends spirituality from different cultures

Carrie Newcomer Everything is Everywhere Available Light Records Fans of Carrie Newcomer’s folksy style who buy her newest CD, Everything is Everywhere, and don’t read the jacket carefully, may think that they’ve ended up with the wrong CD. The first minute is instrumental; the sound is Eastern and exotic. Then a melody gradually emerges, and […]

‘So Beautiful’ . . . so Christian?

By Cathleen Falsani , Religion News Service • • •   Ah, the lazy days of summer, filled with more sunshine and ease than the rest of the year. This time of year always recalls musical memories, and one of mine is Paul Simon’s legendary concert in New York City’s Central Park. On that perfect […]