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Preaching To Confront Racism

By William H. Willimon Moralism (substituting law for gospel, exhorting better human behavior without dependency upon God’s grace) is no match for racism. While urging us to preach justice, Lutheran James Childs warns: “Preaching that always goes directly from sin to salvation or from cross to resurrection without ever stopping off at sanctification is missing […]

Bishop Devadhar: Listen for wisdom in unexpected places

Light and darkness. African beat and liturgical dance. Hopeful listening and wise advice. These were the elements worshippers found in worship Saturday morning at General Conference in Portland Ore. The Tamba Marimba Ensemble offered the beat.  The strains of “star of wonder, star of light” teased the ear in the darkened room illuminated only by […]

A sermon for the death of a president 50 years later

The following is a portion of Dr. William H. Dickinson’s sermon “Living Out Our Faith” delivered on November 24, 1963. Dr. Dickinson was the pastor of Highland Park Methodist Church, one of the largest, most prominent Methodist Churches in the world, one of the most influential churches in Dallas, and was the church home for […]