Online Comment Policy

The United Methodist Reporter is an independent digital press owned by CircuitWriter Media.

We encourage readers to comment on our  blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram posts, and Twitter posts. The nature of the subject matter attracts a diverse audience with varying and passionate opinions.  All comments are treated as the opinion of the person commenting.  No one opinion is more valuable than any other opinion.  Please be respectful and encourage healthy dialogue.  The online editor asks that you adhere to the following rules:

1. You may not submit content that:

    • Abuses, discriminates against or attacks individuals or groups.
    • Is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit.
    • Violates the privacy of others and contains personal information such as phone numbers or mailing addresses.
    • Is submitted under false pretense, including multiple user names for the same individual.
    • Is submitted without a real user name in order to hide the identity of the person making the comment.

2. Spam will not be tolerated and will be immediately removed.

3. Readers are encouraged to post links that are relevant to the topic. Comments with links that do not apply to the topic will be removed.

4. Repetitive post stating the same opinions multiple times will be removed.

5. Arguing with the Administrator/Moderator will be cause to be banned from the site.

6. Comments should address opinions only and not attack or demean a particular person or group of people.

7. In commenting, present your opinion in a clear and brief way (as brief as possible).  Do not repeat your opinion in multiple back and forth comments with other persons commenting who hold different opinions from yours.

8. Do not comment on every single story, article, or commentary.  Limit your comments to one per day.

9. All comments should be edifying to our general readership and fall under the category of a good Christian Witness.  We define Christian Witness in a way similar to that described in this article.

CircuitWriter Media reserves the right to edit or delete any comments that violate this comment policy. This is done under the discretion of the online editor.

CircuitWriter Media reserves the right to permanently ban any user who refuses to abide by our comment policy.  All comments from banned users will be deleted permanently.

The United Methodist Reporter does not endorse content found in comment sections. Readers who see a comment with inaccurate information are encouraged to comment in turn and provide correct information.

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