Christians at a Crossroads

by David Watson Christians in the United States currently stand at a moral crossroads. We face serious decisions regarding refugees from predominantly Muslim countries. The sheer volume of posts on this topic in social media underscores the weightiness of the ...
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3 Secret Reasons to be Grateful, Even Wen You’re Not

by Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter True confessions:  I’m a recovering worrier.  I can worry at the drop of a hat.  I do some of my best work in the middle of the night.  When a problem gets resolved, my mind naturally ...
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The Kingdom of Heaven is (Still) at Hand

by Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter Yes, Donald Trump won the presidential election. No, not everyone is happy about that. Clinton won the popular vote while Trump won the electoral vote. Plenty of people are having to adjust their ideas of the next ...
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What’s NEXT?

by Jeff Greenway As a person who was baptized, saved, discipled, called, married and ordained under the ministry of The United Methodist Church, the events of the last couple of years have given me pause to wonder “What’s NEXT?” for our denominational ...
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Living in the tension of an ever widening circle.

“You are apostate.” “You have caused division.” “You have begun schism.” “I wish hell for you”. “You have broken my church.” “You have voted to Secede.” “You are in open rebellion.” “You are the spouse that has broken the marriage ...
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Caldwell: Reminders of our Methodist Biblical misinterpretations that have been corrected

Once there were Methodists who supported the enslavement of blacks. Once there were Methodists who did not support the ordination of women. Once there were Methodists who voted to create an all black, segregated Central Jurisdiction. Once there were Methodists ...
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A response to Dr. Frank

Dear Mr/Ms Editor, Dr. Frank has some impressive titles and history. He talks about an injustice that has gone in the past 50 years. He talks about all persons need to be included in the church with no holds barred ...
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Another response to Bishop Brown’s statement

Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. in his response to the Same-Sex Marriage decision of the Supreme Court, reminds us; "The heart of our call of to ministry is to be pastor to the people of the congregation, and the community we serve." ...
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Responding to Bishop Warner Brown

First of all, I would like to begin by saying that I am not a bishop, a congressman, a scholar or anything of that nature.  I am a concerned Christian and a citizen of the United States who is troubled ...
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The United Methodist Church And Its Failure On Race

by Aaron Gray Wheat Ridge United Methodist Church Denver I am an African American male serving a predominately Anglo congregation and sharing our facility with an Hispanic fellowship in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Wheat Ridge is a small community of 30,000, ...
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