IRD issues statement on election of openly gay bishop

Washington, DC -- The Institute for Religion and Democracy have released a statement this week offering their thoughts on the recent election and consecration of Karen Oliveto (the pastor of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco) to be a ...
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Commentary: Church at the speed of life

*by Rebecca Simon-Peter Last week, Karen Oliveto, the first openly gay bishop of the United Methodist Church was elected. Much like at her baptism, she was consecrated with the laying on of hands and sacred words of declaration.   She has ...
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One Church, One Organization, or Neither?

by David Watson  Things are moving quickly in the UMC. The latest development, of course, is the consecration of an openly gay and married bishop, Rev. Karen Oliveto. According to a story published by the United Methodist News Service, Bishop ...
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Five evangelical + inclusive ways to resist schism in The United Methodist Church

by Trey Hall* I am a Wesleyan evangelical. My life has been saved and is (slowly) being changed by Jesus. In my opinion, being evangelical means, at its core, living from an ongoing internal assurance of God’s love for you ...
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Commentary: Wait . . . or maybe not

The last days of the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon were filled with all sorts of emotions -- with some feeling joy over the breadth of our common ministry, but others (both "progressive" and "traditionalist") having a sense of unease ...
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Skin color is not a disability

From time to time statements surface that illuminate how far the United Methodist Church is from truly living out its tenets of concern for equality, and racial and social justice. The Dec. 14 Reporter article on Speaking Out, a book ...
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Agrees with Dan Dick

Thanks for the article by Dan Dick (Dec 14, Reporter). I find his explanation of the principles behind the leadership initiatives pushed by our leadership in the UMC helpful because it explains the contradictory approaches that have been packed into a ...
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Quadrilateral can guide in sexuality debate

In reply to the Oct. 5 letter to the editor in the Reporter: God created us all and in God’s creation we are all diverse. Our skin, hair and eye color are all diverse, and each color has a range ...
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True reform in the UMC requires integrity

I write in response to the recent article "UMC high court upholds guaranteed appointments". By naming those advocating for the legislation “reformers,” this article lacks objectivity. Those who opposed the rejected legislation to end security of appointment also seek reform ...
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Can’t we agree that we disagree?

As a part of the United Methodist Church, I know what division looks like. I have seen arguments over everything from pension plans, to whether or not church structure should be changed. One major argument has been going on for ...
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Where’s evidence for gay-is-OK?

My first question to anyone who is endorsing the idea that homosexual practice is morally acceptable is: Can you give any biblical support for your position? (See Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:18, 26-27; I Timothy 1:10). The popular justification for acceptance ...
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Are we slowly dropping the UMC cross & flame?

Is it just me . . . or is something missing? I see less and less of our beloved United Methodist cross and flame symbol. It apparently is being hidden under the proverbial bushel. It is becoming less predominant on ...
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‘So cool’ when generations connect in UMC

Yes, we need young people to keep the UMC strong. I have witnessed a great presence of growth. I observed generations working together to run VBS last week. In Phoenix there is a move to bring forward a comfort zone for young adults ...
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Still wishing he could resume calling in UMC

Twenty-three years ago, I surrendered my ministerial credentials rather than lie to a church I felt called to and which was an integral part of my being. My EUB and then UM church had taught me that lying wasn’t normally ...
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Archives and History not ‘purely administrative’

When the General Commission on Archives and History is referenced in an opinion piece as it was in "Judicial Council did Not do the UMC a favor” (by Lonnie Brooks, UMR, June 15, page 6A), I must respond to clarify ...
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