When Commentary Fails

by David Watson   This article was due two weeks ago. I’m not usually late with writing deadlines, but after General Conference, I really didn’t know what to say. Like many people, I had conflicting emotions. I needed time to ...
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Momany: The real battle

In The most intense battles we ever fight are the ones within our hearts. We may try to avoid language of conflict, but confrontation is real – perhaps most real in our own person. What values will animate our hearts, ...
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Commentary: Jesus and the United Methodist system

by Richard Peck* As we enter the season of electing bishops, it’s interesting to compare our system with the selection system employed by Jesus. The alarming thing about Jesus is that he had no management training. His sloppy administrative style ...
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Commentary: Bishops, prepare two envelopes…

by Bob Phillips* General Conference 2016 is over. Fearing a media feeding frenzy over sex, the Council of Bishops answered the plea to start leading on this issue. They created a proposal the conference accepted. Sex was taken off the ...
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Commentary: Who controls orthodoxy?

By Dalton Rushing* If there's one word that gets thrown around more than any other in the church's ongoing debate about full inclusion of LGBTQ people, it's "orthodoxy." Those who oppose full inclusion (or, less pejoratively, those who argue that ...
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1972 Study Group report

It is surprising that in his letter to the editor John Lovelace (Reporter, April 6) credits the 25-member Study Group chaired by Bishop James S. Thomas for the words “We do not condone the practice of homosexuality . . .” ...
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Fluke story reveals the UMC is morally MIA

“UM student reacts to Limbaugh comment” (March 30 Reporter) presents a very one-sided look at the Sandra Fluke controversy. The question must be asked: “Where is the United Methodist Church in this issue?” The reference to Mr. Jim Winkler (top executive ...
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UMC should take lead on tolerance

 I feel compelled to comment on the article by William McElvaney (March 2 Reporter) concerning the church’s stance toward homosexuality. The UM Social Principles are quoted as saying that “the United Methodist Church does not condone the practice of homosexuality ...
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