Commentary: A primer on Central Conferences

The first week of General Conference made one thing clear: there will be no softening of the Book of Discipline's language regarding human sexuality. Again. A quick recap here. Many United Methodists identify as centrists regarding their stance on theological ...
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Commentary: No choice but to talk about breaking up

by Jack Jackson* After a week together, and with only a few days remaining at the United Methodist Church’s General Conference, one thing is certain. Despite pleading from the Council of Bishops and the constant refrain from the platform for ...
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Commentary: Rumors . . . truth or fiction?

Don’t be distracted or frightened by the rumors you hear in the land. Sometimes you hear one thing and another time something else: rumors of violence and uprisings. --Jeremiah 51:46  (CEB)-- I have been hearing rumors about stuff happening at ...
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Commentary: The GC legislative process explained. Kind of.

“I am with the press and wish to observe this committee.” So I told the man standing at the door of one of the 12 different legislative committees meeting simultaneously. “I’m sorry, the observation space room is full. I can’t ...
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Megan Kilpatrick and Amanda Tobey prepare for their day at General Conference by attending the early morning Jurisdictional delegation meeting.

Commentary: Where are the youth?

By Amanda Tobey* 0.23%. That is percentage of youth voting delegates on the floor of General Conference this year. It is commonly understood that youth and young adults are hugely underrepresented on a global level in the United Methodist Church ...
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