Our Story

The origins of the United Methodist Reporter can be traced back to 1847, when Methodists began publishing a church paper called the Texas Christian Advocate and Brenham Advertiser in Brenham. Minister Robert B. Wells produced the paper, which combined aspects of a church newspaper and a secular weekly publication. Throughout our history our focus has always been on telling the story of the Methodist movement, first in Texas, then the United States, and eventually throughout the world. To learn more about our story, we encourage you to click here to read an article by the Texas State Historical Association.

In recent years, The United Methodist Reporter was part of UMR Communications Inc., which offered a variety of services, focused primarily on print media, but also making the move to digital distribution. In May of 2013 UMR Communications Inc. announced that they would be ceasing operations in the wake of the decline of their print operations and ongoing financial issues. With that announcement, CircuitWriter Media LLC was formed and purchased The United Methodist Reporter with the purpose of continuing the long tradition of independent news and commentary for the people called Methodist.

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