UMReporter Roundtable — Episode 1 (5/10/2016)

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Host Ben Hanne joins Laura Allen, Jay Voorhees, Christy Thomas, Wes Magruder, and Charles Harrison to talk about the opening day events at the 2016 United Methodist General Conference in Portland, OR.

Show Rundown

  • Sue Laurie ordination
  • Love Prevails station at opening worship
  • Opening worship controversy
  • Rules, rules, rules.
  • Observations from the day

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  1. Yes, I can see how some folks may see the ordination as trying to ‘shove the issue down their throat’. But those folk aren’t about to be persuaded by anything. It’s the middle ground folk and the undecideds that might be affected.

  2. Where is episode 2?

  3. Avatar Jeannie Crawford-Lee says

    Thank you for doing this! Maybe I can avoid the anxiety-producing live streaming. I appreciate your debriefing and measured commentary. Blessings on you.

  4. Avatar Martha Myre says

    Rule 44 sounds like a ploy to use emotional manipulation in small groups instead of the legislative process. It’s the kind of rule that only gets proposed by those who think they will lose.

    • Yes, it was a chess move in a lot of ways. ‘Manipulation’ is a strong word for a method of using human connection in the discernment process. At any rate, that it was put forth in the context that it was. doesn’t make it a bad idea. I don’t wanna belong to a church where the spirit and heart is always subordinate to rules.

  5. Avatar Linda Willey says

    Rev. Vicki Flippin serves The Church of the Village in NYC, Manhattan.

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