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The United Methodist Reporter is an independent source of news  for United Methodists and other people of faith, produced by CircuitWriter Media LLC.

Our mission to provide readers with news, features and commentary about United Methodism that affects the person in the pew. We strive to tell stories of faith that encourage United Methodists as well as challenge them to consider their role in the denominational connection and the larger community of faith. Not all United Methodists think alike; therefore we do not seek to present any particular agenda, but instead strive for a balanced presentation of issues that are of interest to our diverse audience.

Article submissions must be of national interest, and should be approximately 750 words; commentaries should be 600 words. Photos must be high-resolution jpeg images of 200 dpi or higher. E-mailed article and photo submissions are preferred. The Reporter does not accept poetry. E-mail submissions to:

Frequently Asked Questions
May I use anything I want from this site for my church newsletter?
No. Reporter content is the intellectual property of CircuitWriter Media LLC unless otherwise specified. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission. To request reprint permission, e-mail:

Q. What if I just want to link to your stories from my church Web site?
Hyperlinks to specific stories may be established by other internet sites, but please notify CircuitWriter Media LLC of the link with an e-mail to

Q. How can I send news to the Reporter?
Please e-mail your submissions to

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