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Recently Read: Andrew Thompson debunks the Teresa MacBain story in the NYT

Andrew Thompson looks at self-proclaimed UM minister and atheist Teresa MacBain’s claims and chides the NY Times for bad reporting.

Faith in Action: Is doctrine making a comeback in Methodism?

For a long time, the term “doctrine” has been perceived negatively in many United Methodist circles. It can seem to some people like one of those heavy-handed words, used by one group to coerce another. The verb “to indoctrinate” certainly carries this connotation—almost akin to a process of brainwashing where people are brought into a […]

Faith in Action: Discovering the purpose and potential of confirmation

I spoke with a pastor not long ago who told me a shocking story about confirmation. He had arrived at a new appointment one June and discovered that—in his words—“all the children from second grade and up were already confirmed.” If you are familiar at all with the practice of confirmation, that statement will strike […]

Faith in Action: Wesleyan message losing out, but it need not be so

Recently there has been a lot of talk in social media about the “visibility” of the Wesleyan message in the larger culture.

Methodists can generally expect to be heard by other Methodists. But are they being heard “out there” in the wider world? Is their message reaching the unchurched, especially?

The next four years call for evangelical patience

I was watching the live feed of the proceedings of General Conference on Friday, May 4, when Decision 1210 from the church’s Judicial Council was reported. What is Decision 1210, you ask? It was the bombshell letting the General Conference know that much of its efforts at crafting and approving a broad restructuring proposal for […]