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After living without God for a year, former pastor Ryan Bell no longer believes

After chronicling the last 12 months on his blog Year Without God, Bell — who now works as director of community engagement at People Assisting the Homeless in Southern California — announced in an interview with NPR that he no longer believes in God.

Atheists tweet more often than Muslims, Jews, Christians, study shows

A new study of Twitter finds that self-identified religious users are more likely to tweet to members of their own faith than to members of a different one.

No Proof God Exists (Lessons in Talking to Skeptics)

“If God exists, I want proof.” Almost as if reading a script from my past conversations with atheists and skeptics this person repeated this common question. What do you say? How do you react?

Recently Read: Andrew Thompson debunks the Teresa MacBain story in the NYT

Andrew Thompson looks at self-proclaimed UM minister and atheist Teresa MacBain’s claims and chides the NY Times for bad reporting.