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Recently Read: Can churches ask too much?

Ben Gosden wonders if we are burning out church members rather than making disciples: After 3+ years of ministry in a large, historic, urban church I’ve learned a lot not only from people who are faithful and active in the ministries of the local church — I’ve also learned a lot from the people who […]

A pastor reflects, post-Easter, on the difference between `invitational’ and `missional’

By Ben Gosden, Special Contributor… Easter Sunday. It’s the day of the year when even the people who hate mornings will gather at ungodly hours to stand on a lawn, in a field, under a canopy, or maybe in a parking lot to watch the sun rise and hear a few words about resurrection. Easter […]

Learning from Adam Hamilton’s homily at National Cathedral

By Ben Gosden, Special Contributor… Like many proud United Methodists I watched the Rev. Adam Hamilton give the homily at the National Prayer Service this past Tuesday. The service was in the historic National Cathedral and celebrated our religious diversity in America. To have a United Methodist pastor give the sermon for such an event […]

After election, Ga. Church hosts day of prayer & unity

By Kara Witherow, Special Contributor… In a years-long election cycle filled with vitriol, rancor, discord and divisiveness, voters quickly grew weary of the partisan politics that dominated airwaves, conversations, Facebook feeds and daily discussions. But with its Day of Prayer and Unity, Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon, Ga., sought to come together as […]

A United Methodist Church united for our daughters

By Ben Gosden and Jeremy Smith, Special Contributors… As we write this article, Jeremy is in Portland, Ore., holding his 2-week-old daughter, Anjali. Ben is 2,000 miles away in Macon, Ga., holding his 8-month-old daughter, Olivia. We have a lot in common. We are both United Methodist elders under age 35—Jeremy is fully ordained and […]

Ben Gosden: The motion I wish I’d made at annual conference

By Ben Gosden, Special Contributor… As much as I was enthused about annual conference here in South Georgia, I do have one regret: I wish I had made a motion from the floor to define discipleship for our annual conference. You see, I counted some 70 times that the phrase “making disciples for the transformation […]