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Reflections: To ‘Reporter’ readers, a sad but hope-filled goodbye

Like many of my generation, I remember how much newspapers informed my early worldview. Every adult I knew read “the papers” daily. In New York City, where I grew up, there were at one time at least seven daily newspapers as well as papers printed in languages other than English. As a boy riding the […]

Reflections: A little child is murdered, and what is our response?

Last month something occurred in Brunswick, Ga., so horrific that it seems incomprehensible. On March 21 a mother walked the streets of the quiet South Georgia town, pushing her 13-month-old baby boy in a stroller. I am sure it seemed routine to her. She probably had walked those streets countless times. But this time would […]

Reflections: As we search for answers and a reason to hope

A school bus stop is located on the corner in front of our house. For years we have watched the daily ritual of children and teenagers leaving for school and returning home. Since our 11-year-old twin grandchildren live only doors away, we get a glimpse of them each day. Both with backpacks, one carrying a […]

Reflections: A simple nightmare—or a church yet to come?

There is nothing quite like an early summer storm. We thought the rain would never end. My wife and I talked late into the night with the rain pounding against our bedroom window. For some reason our late-night conversation turned to the recent General Conference. The conference has become a quadrennial rhythm of our married […]

Much to celebrate, much still to do, regarding race relations

Prejudice and racism still stain our democracy. It is a continuing, tragic reality. It is a part of what I’ll remember as I recently joined other citizens in celebrating the nation’s independence on July 4. I have just completed reading an informative and moving book, The Warmth of Other Suns, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson. […]