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Q&A: UM Bishop Willimon takes on the church, through a novel

After writing dozens of books, retired UM Bishop Will Willimon decided to try his hand at a new genre: fiction. A lover of novels, Willimon said that works of fiction are uniquely capable of expressing truth. “I think that fiction gets at truth in very special ways,” he said. “There’s a complexity that fiction deals […]

Fresh Faces – New UM bishop elections, assignments

Every four years, the United Methodist Church’s U.S. jurisdictions elect and assign bishops, causing a fruit-basket turnover of leadership. The 2008 General Conference approved a plan that reduced by one the number of bishops in four of the five jurisdictions, beginning this year. The reason is shrinking membership in the U.S., a reality that also […]

Willimon’s latest may help ordained leaders, but won’t reach others

Bishop: The Art of Questioning Authority by an Authority in Question William H. Willimon Abingdon Press, 2012 Paperback, 200 pages It should come as no surprise to those familiar with Bishop William H. Willimon that his latest book is one filled with both passion and contradictions. One of the most prolific United Methodist writers of […]

Reflections: Visit to a far-off cemetery offers lessons in sacrifice

There are six chaplains commemorated at the Cambridge American Cemetery, the superintendent noted, including three whose names are on the Wall of the Missing. As we remembered them, the superintendent told the story of four gallant chaplains who were made famous partly because of a documentary film about them. The four—two Protestant clergymen, a Roman […]