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One more institution—and some old friends—are gone

Editor’s note: This article was submitted prior to the announcement of the continuation of but CircuitWriter Media LLC., and is primarily in response to the end of the print edition of the United Methodist Reporter, and UMR Communications Inc. We include it to honor the legacy of that which has gone before.  By Chappell […]

Getting a jump on electing General Conference delegates

Amidst all of the petitions which failed, were never considered at all, or passed but then were overturned by the Judicial Council, at least one new provision in the Book of Discipline that was adopted by the largely “Do-Nothing General Conference” last year, now provides an interesting opportunity to annual conferences across the connection. Originally […]

Too old to be an elder? Let’s hope not, UM pastor says

By Chappell Temple, Special Contributor… I’m almost surprised that Methodists haven’t crashed the whole Internet, as many emails, twitter messages, and blog pieces that have been circulating through cyberspace over the subject in recent days. For the “outing” of a Texas Conference internal proposal, one intended just for discussion, that would set an age limit […]

After spring storm in Tampa, it’s time to assess, reform GC

By C. Chappell Temple, Special Contributor… With Hurricane Isaac now having passed, it appears that the Republicans weathered potential storms in Tampa better than the United Methodists did when we met in that city earlier this year. So what went wrong when the Wesleyans wandered down by the waters? First, ego and agenda often edged […]