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A Higher Law

The higher law tradition will always be something beyond the grasp of political fad and seasonal abusers of human rights. Thank God for that. I mean it. Thank God for that. This thread of political thinking is not held hostage to either reactionary right or trendy left.

Faith Lived Out: What will Jesus say?

My family never came to the United States. That’s right. The United States came to my family, and I am not of Native American descent. My people were French immigrants, living in North America well before the Revolution. They were kicked up the St. Lawrence Valley by the British when that empire took control of […]

Faith Lived Out: What does it mean for the Social Principles to be “Social”?

The Wesleyan tradition is awash with misunderstanding. This is, in large part, because people of faith are just as skilled at talking past one another as anyone else. Take the “Social Principles” of The United Methodist Church. They are invoked, quoted, yanked out of context, and referenced in passing to argue this or that theological […]