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United Methodist Church to Close After Dismissing Gay Choir Director

First United Methodist Church in Alexandria Indiana will be closing its doors at the end of 2014. The closure is due in part to the loss of 80% of the congregation after the dismissal of the choir director, Adam Fraley, an openly gay man. From the Herald Bulletin “Alexandria Church to Close at Year’s End” […]

United Methodist Church vitality increases in United States

Bishop John Schol of the Greater New Jersey Conference recently highlighted the latest vital congregations report which said that the goal of growing more “highly vital congregations” was seeing positive results.

Eulogy for a Closing Church

The United Methodist Church closes churches on average 332 churches every year (statistic courtesy of Ken Sloane, GBOD Path1). In your annual conference session this year there was no doubt a resolution to close one, two or more churches for the coming year. Membership, in the United States, has been on the decline for decades. In 2009 the […]