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Five Things The United Methodist Church is Doing Right

by Marty Cauley Frustrated with the Negativity! If I read one more well intentioned article about what the church, particularly The United Methodist Church, is doing wrong I think I will scream. Yes, I know we are struggling with years of decline. I know our buildings are old, our polity is complicated, and we are not […]

Mission Chattanooga to host Horizons conference on culture & Christianity

The Mission Chattanooga invites you to its south side Camp House location to explore areas of culture creation, contextualization, and what it means to be a Christian in the context of 21st century America.

8 Things the Church Needs to Say

If Christians stopped bickering about church, presenting sex as a first-order concern, telling other people how to lead their lives and lending our name to minor-league politicians, what would we have to say? We need to figure that out,….

What Social Media Teaches Me about the Church?

Bishop Ken Carter reflects on the portrayal of the church in social media today, and how the church can respond to those stereotypes.

Recently Read: Maryland church aims for ‘Hunger-free’ ZIP Code

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Kensington, Md., has set out to make the ZIP Code in which it resides—20895—the nation’s first “Hunger Free Zone.” via Maryland church aims for ‘Hunger-free’ ZIP Code | Baltimore-Washington Conference. Click the link above to read the full story.

Recently Read: What would happen if your church was reviewed on TripAdvisor?

Churches spend a lot of time on the big things, like a glorious anthem and prophetic preaching. But a UMC pastor says small details matter, too, like lights that burn brightly, signs that make sense and greeters who greet. via How to welcome church visitors | What would happen if your church was reviewed on […]

Websites:The new front door for every church

By Laurie Haller, Special Contributor… It’s Friday night, I’m on vacation, and I’m trying to decide where to attend church on Sunday morning. I ask Siri on my iPhone, “Find Grace United Methodist Church, Any City, U.S.A.” Before I can even blink, I’m on the website and know that Grace UMC has worship services at […]

Commentary: Ways to strengthen the academy and the church

By Christopher Momany, Special Contributor… Some years ago I served on a regional credentialing board of the United Methodist Church. Our primary task was interviewing candidates for ordained ministry, and I actually had the audacity to think we were interested in theologically astute talent. Yet when one exceedingly bright young seminary graduate presented herself, the […]

Brewing to Perfection – Pastor tries coffee shop to reach young adults

DALLAS—The Rev. Mike Baughman had never made a half caffeine latte, but that’s what the man across the counter wanted. So, after a quick consultation with the barista on duty, the pastor got to work and produced a frothy drink that sent his middle-aged customer away happy. It was one more learning curve. Mike Baughman’s […]