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Ralph Abernathy: Martin Luther King Jr.’s overlooked ‘civil rights twin’

“Martin didn’t do anything that Ralph David Abernathy didn’t do except he took a bullet,” Juanita Abernathy recalled in an interview. “Martin never made a decision that Ralph Abernathy was not a part of. And it trickled down from the two of them to everybody else.”

Reflections: Annual tour brings 1960s rights struggle to life

I teach a course titled “The Methodist Church and Race” at Candler School of Theology, as part of my responsibility as bishop in residence. The course not only examines the history of race in the church—from the beginnings of U.S. Methodism in the American colonies to the present—but in the nation at large, as well. […]

Recalling a dad who stood tall with stand on civil rights

By James Rupert, Special Contributor… My father died a few weeks ago, a quiet hero of our human struggle to love. Born in West Virginia during the Depression, the Rev. James C. Rupert grew up, fought and was wounded in America’s cultural civil war. His battle won’t be recorded in history books—but as one of countless individual […]

Global Ministries photographer had eye on King

A year to the day before the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated, the civil rights leader made a major public speech against the war in Vietnam. John C. Goodwin, then 25 years old, was at Riverside Church in New York to document it. His photographs of King from that day and several other […]