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Recently Read: Failure to launch – I planned a service for students. None came.

by Mark Yaconelli The advertisement in our church news­letter was simple and straightforward. “We need someone to direct the college prayer service.” I’d spent two years as a parishioner of the 250-member church and was looking for a way to serve. As a veteran youth worker, a retreat leader, and author of four books on […]

Losing religion at college? New study flips the common wisdom

… a college degree used to mean people were more likely to lose religion. Now, some people are losing religion whether they went to college or not but it’s especially true for those who didn’t go to college.

Students and mental health issues: a church response

By Beth Cooper, Special Contributor… Answers to questions raised by the tragic shootings this summer in Aurora, Colo., by a student dropout, need to look well beyond condemnation of senseless incidents of random violence, the need for gun control and explanations of why bad things happen to good people. There is a connection between several […]