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People and Things (COMMENTARY)

You have been given a chance to care, to think, to act, and to stand for that which is good—even when it may not be fashionable, perhaps especially when it is not fashionable.

We Don’t Get to Heaven on Someone Else’s Sins (COMMENTARY)

I can’t identify the original source of the statement, but it will certainly preach. My heart is perpetually tempted to construct a sense of self from someone else’s flaws.

Recently Read: Sunday mornings are broken

Tom Erich has written a very interesting column over at Religion News Service arguing that pastors need to change their focus from Sunday morning worship. Sunday worship isn’t growing churches any longer. Sunday morning has become a time for sleeping in, kids’ sports and shopping. Young prospects want engagement, not pew-sitting. Churches grow when they […]

Commentary: Jackie Robinson’s faith missing from ‘42’ movie

By Eric Metaxas, Religion News Service… A new film about Jackie Robinson, titled 42—the number he wore during his historic career—tells the triumphant story of how the civil rights icon integrated professional baseball by playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. But there’s a mysterious hole at the center of this otherwise worthy film. The man who […]

How will United Methodists respond to Gosnell horror?

By Matt O’Reilly, Special Contributor… United Methodists have an impressive record for faithfully responding to tragedy. In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, Methodist congregations responded with an outpouring of love and intercession. We have preached, prayed and worked to transform the systems that not only allow but sometimes even enable such terrible acts. The […]

Commentary: Reaction to Mumford reveals trouble with labels

By Cathleen Falsani, Religion News Service… Labels can be helpful when, for instance, applied to cans of soup or barrels of toxic waste. But they are less so when affixed to human beings—particularly when labels are meant to summarize, indelibly, one’s spiritual identity. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Marcus Mumford, the 26-year-old lead singer […]

Commentary: It’s time to re-think life tenure for U.S. bishops

By Joseph Stains, Special Contributor… One of the less-noted dialogues of General Conference 2012 that comes home for further review is the American way of electing bishops, untested, for lifelong tenure through retirement. While we have clung to this hierarchical model from our Anglo-Catholic forbears, worldwide United Methodism is bringing us fresh vision of shared […]

Commentary: God should be the protagonist

By Alyce McKenzie, Special Contributor… I am teaching a course on preaching and storytelling at Perkins School of Theology this spring. Every Tuesday afternoon, 12 of us gather to hear stories, tell stories and reflect on why they are so powerful and how they function in our lives. We’re shaping an understanding of Christian preaching […]

If we ‘walk beside’ Jesus, the church can be renewed

By Karen Greenwaldt, Special Contributor… When have you intentionally walked beside a group of people who intend to renew the church so that it reaches more people on behalf of the gospel of Jesus Christ? “Walking beside” is a tremendous privilege filled with creative potential and possibility. Such journeys offer the gift of hearing and […]

Question for UMC: Why should I trust you?

By Ben Boruff, Special Contributor… As conversations about denominational vitality and increasingly global mission efforts move to the forefront of the UMC’s mind—as they should—trust-related issues pepper our thoughts. In a recent United Methodist News Service report about the Connectional Table, Bishop Bruce Ough, the group’s new chair, noted “the intense level of distrust that […]