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Wesleyan Wisdom: Thank you all, goodbye, and God bless you!

Editor’s note: This article was submitted prior to the announcement of the continuation of but CircuitWriter Media LLC. We have reached out to Dr. Haynes about possibly continuing his column on-line in the future and hope to be able to announce about his participation soon.  Writing the 209th and final “Wesleyan Wisdom” column for […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Finding assurance: John Wesley at Aldersgate

This is the fifth in a series of columns intended to inspire renewal in local UM churches, through a study of John Wesley’s own spiritual journey in the years leading up to and following his experience at Aldersgate. Our primary concern in United Methodism is how to convert “survival mode” or “maintenance mode” congregations into […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: UMC should pay heed to the ‘tsunami’ prophets

Two true prophets of United Methodism are Len Sweet and Lovett Weems.  Both cut their teeth in what many people would consider cultural back eddies: West Virginia and Mississippi. Both are being ridiculed in some quarters as prophets of doom because, standing on the bridge of the Titanic, they see what the captain in the […]

Wrap It Up! Books on faith still gladden hearts at Christmas

By Sam Hodges, Managing Editor and Mary Jacobs, Staff Writer… Getting pleasantly lost in a bookstore isn’t easy to do anymore. Bookstores have continued to close as readers and publishers embrace online book sales, digital books and e-readers. The recent announcement by the United Methodist Publishing House that all Cokesbury stores will be shuttered by […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Working toward an honest view of Aldersgate

Every United Methodist church is being challenged to become a “vital congregation.” For many, this is like pushing a snowball uphill as their strength is threatened by the ravages of aging membership and a sad track record in what our Book of Discipline defines as the mission of the local church—making disciples. As we engage […]

Saint Paul School of Theology move should be ‘reality check’ for declining UMC

The recent decision of the trustees of Saint Paul School of Theology to vacate its present Kansas City, Mo., campus and move into the facilities of Church of the Resurrection constitutes a reality check. Could this be the tremor before the earthquake of other institutional closures, moves or “downsizings” driven by the UMC loss of […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Getting straight about Wesley at Aldersgate

William Quick tells the story of two cleaning women staring at an artist’s rendering of John Wesley at Aldersgate. A curator heard one say as a prayer, “Do it again, Lord. Do it again.” In some sense each of us who has grown up with the Aldersgate experience in our “spiritual DNA” has yearned that […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: A struggling congregation must first ‘re-vision’

Several years ago while in Detroit for a church consultation, I read an article in the Detroit Free Press about pigeons. I learned that as a pigeon moves forward, its eyes lose focus. This requires the pigeon to strut only a few feet before it stops and snaps its head sideways, thus reconfiguring the eyes […]