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How Franklin Graham transformed a debate about Duke Chapel into a culture war

Franklin Graham’s Facebook fulminations last week about plans to issue the Muslim call to prayer from the bell tower of Duke Chapel transformed what could have been a nuanced campus debate about religious establishment, sacred space, and pluralism into a countrywide fracas that calls to mind 1980s culture wars.

Hundreds of Duke students rally with Muslims at Friday’s call to prayer

DURHAM, N.C. In the end, the Muslim call to prayer was broadcast from a small black speaker perched on the steps of the Duke Chapel Friday (Jan 16), as hundreds of students, some Muslim but mostly non-Muslim, gathered in solidarity for the right of all students to pray publicly. The gathering, replete with signs reading […]

Duke cancels Muslims’ call to prayer after Franklin Graham leads revolt

Officials at Duke University abruptly dropped plans to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer from the iconic bell tower of Duke Chapel after online protests led by evangelist Franklin Graham and unspecified security threats. The decision on Thursday (Jan. 15) came one day before the “adhan,” or traditional call to prayer, was to be broadcast […]

Recently Read: Duke Dorm Renamed

Aycock Hall was named after former North Carolina governor Charles B. Aycock who was a proponent for education in the state. Aycock was also was a leader among the white supremacy movement in the late 1890’s. Duke University is a United Methodist related school with the prominent Duke Divinity School. On Monday evening Duke University […]

Learning swerve – UMC institutions enter online education world

Online education is rocking the world of higher ed, and that includes many United Methodist-affiliated colleges and universities. The Internet is opening doors to a giant pool of students—while bringing new worlds to students on campus as well. Many institutions, like Texas Wesleyan, now offer online programs where students take courses and earn degrees, often […]

Green UM colleges make ‘Cool Schools’ list

At Duke University, students in the 14 freshmen dorms on East Campus compete in an Eco-Olympics that results in lowered utility use for the remainder of the academic year. Allegheny College students learn to reduce waste through the One Less Cup campaign, which promotes reusable takeout containers, and the annual “Trashion Show.” Composting at Green […]