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Wesleyan Wisdom: Christianity is all about Easter—and risen Christ

Beginning with Augustine and in contrast to Eastern Christianity, Christianity of the West has seen the meaning of our salvation primarily through the cross. We are engaged in a perennial debate over theories of the atonement, asking, “What does it mean to be saved by Jesus’ death on the cross?”  Was it that blood must […]

A pastor reflects, post-Easter, on the difference between `invitational’ and `missional’

By Ben Gosden, Special Contributor… Easter Sunday. It’s the day of the year when even the people who hate mornings will gather at ungodly hours to stand on a lawn, in a field, under a canopy, or maybe in a parking lot to watch the sun rise and hear a few words about resurrection. Easter […]

UM innovation extends to Easter observances

By Sam Hodges, Managing Editor and Mary Jacobs, Staff Writer… Easter is all about transformation, but Easter observances tend to be conservative, sticking to familiar (if stirring) music, and the usual texts and formats. The exceptions are out there, though.  They’re found in highly innovative congregations and in others where the weather seems a bit […]

Reflections: Can we ‘raise our voices’ in a new song for Easter?

Easter celebrations are filled with traditions. The hymns we sing, choir anthem selections, special prayers and litanies. Even sermons do not wander far from the norm, and there are certain phrases in particular religious traditions that are integral to the Easter message. Perhaps no other worship service is quite so predictable. Most worshippers have come […]