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Wesleyan Wisdom: Why Mosaics are leaving the church

Why are we losing our young adults, those who author Addie Zierman’s identifies as “millennials”? David Kinnaman, in his book You Lost Me, suggests that this group is more accurately called “Mosaics” because the people born since 1964 are so diverse in so many ways!  Thousands pack churches like Joel Osteen’s in Houston or the Elevation […]

Leadership conference considers evangelism from a Wesleyan perspective

Participants from around the U.S. joined together for the 4th annual Wesleyan Leadership Conference, which focused this year on evangelism.

Recently Read: What would happen if your church was reviewed on TripAdvisor?

Churches spend a lot of time on the big things, like a glorious anthem and prophetic preaching. But a UMC pastor says small details matter, too, like lights that burn brightly, signs that make sense and greeters who greet. via How to welcome church visitors | What would happen if your church was reviewed on […]

Commentary: ‘Never-churched’ require new form of evangelism

By Jack Jackson, Special Contributor… Last Christmas season, my family walked through the downtown community where we live. In one of the store windows we passed were a small set of woodcarvings that included a baby, two adults right next to the baby, three kingly-looking persons nearby and a scattering of cows, donkeys and ducks. […]