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Panel Offers Pastors Advice on Becoming ‘Ministers of Reconciliation’ in African-American Communities

ORLANDO, Fla. (RNS) Christian ministers should establish relationships with law enforcement, seek ways to become moral authorities in their communities and listen. Those were the top recommendations from experts at a panel sponsored by The Gospel Coalition on Tuesday (April 14) titled “Seeking Justice and Mercy From Ferguson to New York.” The popular ministry offered an alternative […]

Ferguson pastors urge peace after grand jury doesn’t indict

On Monday afternoon, Interfaith Partnership, which represents 24 faith traditions in the St. Louis region, issued a statement calling for peace and understanding.

Practicing biblical obedience in a racist nation

“We practice Biblical Obedience in the prejudiced church and we practice Biblical Obedience in the racist nation,” said Berryman. “While moments like these feel like Good Friday, we live with the Christian hope that redemption and resurrection are on the horizon.”

Churches to serve as safe spaces after Ferguson grand jury announcement

After a prayer service outside her church turned violent last month, the Rev. Teresa Danieley, pastor of St. John’s Tower Grove, allowed those trying to escape the demonstrations to enter her church. Now, Danieley and dozens of other clergy members are preparing to once again offer their churches as safe spaces, or sanctuaries.

In wake of Ferguson, a bid to make St. Louis a more ‘compassionate’ city

Even before civil unrest surfaced in the region after Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, local leaders were trying to find a way to cultivate more of it.

Pastor who took a bullet paves her own way to Ferguson’s frontline

In early August, four days after Michael Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson, Lamkin, a pastor, she stood with Ferguson protesters, attempting to mediate.

GCORR board president Bishop Minerva Carcaño responds to the death of Michael Brown

It is morally wrong that young African American teenagers are being killed in our communities. Racial ethnic communities should not be treated as war zones.

MLK’s daughter seeks nonviolent Ferguson response

Those who participated in the civil rights marches of Martin Luther King Jr.’s era have had trouble connecting with the young people on the streets of Ferguson this month who see the 1960s as irrelevant. Bernice King tried to bridge that divide.