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Lay of the Land: Getting to know gay people makes big difference

By Richard Hearne, UMR Columnist… In the roughly 30 years I have been involved in local church, annual conference, jurisdiction and General Conference activities, I have been in many contentious meetings. The most contentious meeting I ever attended was over the topic of the marriage policy in my local church. Every parent that had an […]

A layman’s plea on gay issue

By Robert Garrett, Special Contributor… Editor’s note: On Feb. 10, Mr. Garrett gave these remarks in moving that his church, First UMC in Austin, Texas, join the Reconciling Ministries Network. Years from now, no one will remember what we say today. A few, though, may remember what we do. If we are true to ourselves, […]

Religious groups sought delay of decision on gay scouts, leaders

The decision by Boy Scouts of America to postpone any change in policy about gay membership was fueled by an “outpouring of feedback.” Much of that reaction came from a sector with strength in numbers: the religious groups that comprise the majority of the Scouts’ chartered organizations. On Monday (Feb. 4), two days before the […]