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Judicial Council did the denomination a favor

By Bishop Mike Coyner, Special Contributor… You have probably heard the news that the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church (which is kind of like our Supreme Court) ruled that the new structure passed by the General Conference was unconstitutional. Thus the hours and hours of work by the General Conference were overturned, and […]

#GC2012: General Conference meets the Twitterverse

 TAMPA, Fla.—When the General Conference of the United Methodist Church met in Fort Worth in 2008, Twitter was still a bit of a novelty. Some dismissed it as a fad. But at General Conference in Tampa in 2012, Twitter emerged as a power to be reckoned with. “This was the first General conference where Twitter […]

A Serene Oasis

The days are long and the sessions can get stressful. So the exhibit by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) at General Conference offered free massages for those ready for a refreshing break. Delegates and attendees could also saddle up to a table with laptops with free Internet access. “Our thought was […]

UMC Twitter Sub-Culture Grows at General Conference

Lauren Roden (@laurenmroden) prophesied yesterday afternoon: “Twitter is about to be ridiculously overloaded with Methodists and their iPhones. #gc2012” Her prediction has proved accurate. Since the beginning of General Conference, thousands of tweets have rolled in with the hash tag #gc2012. Some users take advantage of Twitter to keep their friends informed by tweeting quotes […]