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UM Bishops meet after General Conference

Portland, Oregon — The United Methodist Council of Bishops met on May 21 following the close of General Conference for worship and prayer for the ongoing unity of The United Methodist Church.

Commentary: Goodnight Portland…

“The opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” So said Texas Tech sports information director Ralph Carpenter in the final moments of the Southwest Conference tournament finals as the Aggies were heading towards a tie. Well, I think the lady was height/weight proportional, but someone definitely sang to close out  the 2016 General Conference […]

General Conference approves $604 million budget

Portland, OR — After a long session of conversation, debate, and even a little laughter, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church passed a budget for the next four years of $604 million. This budget contains for the first time an apportionment for the Central Conferences of the church and includes an additional $5 […]

Commentary: A little good news

By Rev. Laura Easto* Eight years ago the United Methodist Church accepted the challenge to eradicate malaria around the world. It was amazing to watch that pledge pour down into congregations! We played basketball to raise money, youth groups went into the ocean in the dead cold of winter to raise money – you know […]

Sent out: Thursday morning worship at General Conference

If worshippers didn’t already know that the world is a tough place for millions of people, they certainly did after hearing the Thursday morning message from Bishop John Yambasu, who serves in the Sierra Leone Episcopal Area.  “It is estimated that one in every hundred people in our world are either on the run or living […]

What’s up today at GC2016? Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It’s another day at General Conference, and there will be a lot happening. Here are some highlights for today: Morning Session #1 (9 a.m. – 10 a.m.) Bishop John Hopkins, presiding Administrative Committee reports Imagine No Malaria report Calendar Items Possible report back from the Council of Bishops Morning Session #2 (10:20 a.m. -12:30 p.m.) Bishop […]

Commentary: No choice but to talk about breaking up

After the end of a week together, with only a few days remaining at the United Methodist Church’s General Conference, few things are certain. However, one thing that is certain, despite pleadings from the Bishops and the constant refrain from the platform for unity, is that the United Methodist Church is anything but unified on the primary issue that divides us — LGBTQ inclusion.

UMReporter Roundtable — Episode 006 (5/16/2016)

Laura Allen and her band of merry MethoNerds pontificate on the days happenings at the 2016 General Conference of the UMC meeting in Portland, OR Tonight’s panel: Christy Thomas, Jay Voorhes, and Ben Hanne Jay Voorhees The Rev. Jay Voorhees is the Executive Editor of The United Methodist Reporter and the Chief Creative Officer for […]

Commentary: The GC legislative process explained. Kind of.

“I am with the press and wish to observe this committee.” So I told the man standing at the door of one of the 12 different legislative committees meeting simultaneously. “I’m sorry, the observation space room is full. I can’t let you in until someone comes out.” Fair enough. All meetings must be open to […]

UMReporter Roundtable — Episode 005 (5/14/2016)

Jay Voorhees hosts tonight and is joined by Wes Magruder, Christy Thomas, and Ricky Harrison. As General Conference will be off on Sunday, we will not be doing a podcast tomorrow night, and will pick up on Monday, May 16, 2016.