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Board of Pensions responds criticism on divestment

In a press release issued yesterday, The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) reiterated its position on sustainable investment, and released a new video outlining their position which is being shown at gatherings of central conference delegates. Critics had complained about a previous version of the video, and GBPHB stated that they had […]

Commentary: This is not okay. UM Pension Board video crosses the line

Editor’s Note: The General Board of Pensions & Health Benefits removed the original video mentioned in this commentary and replaced with the video below. Please be aware of this as you read this article.  By Rev. Jenny Phillips The United Methodist pension board is showing a new video at delegate briefings outside the US that […]

Commentary: Would Solomon cut the UMC in two?

by Patrick Scriven* If there was one biblical text I could recommend for people navigating deep church conflict, it would be I Kings 3:16-28. It is a familiar story often told to illustrate the wisdom of King Solomon. In it, the fabled King is approached by two women, identified as prostitutes, who share a home […]

Intelligent design group accuses UMC leaders of censorship

The Discovery Institute, a group created to promote the theory of intelligent design in society, released a press release earlier this week accusing UMC officials of being “closed minded and intolerant” in their decision to disallow the group to sponsor a table at the 2016 General Conference to be held in May in Portland, OR. […]

Reconciling Ministries launches campaign for 2016 General Conference

Chicago, IL — The Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) announced today that they have launched a new advocacy campaign directed toward changing The United Methodist Church’s teachings on the acceptance of GLBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage. The It’s Time campaign is focused around a new web presence which RMN says enables “. . . supporters and allies […]

Court defers review of ‘Plan UMC Revised’

By Linda Bloom Oct. 26, 2015 | ST. LOUIS (UMNS) A ruling on the constitutionality of legislation for a proposed organizational plan for The United Methodist Church has been deferred until May. To make a declaratory decision about one specific piece of proposed legislation, the United Methodist Judicial Council said in Decision 1303, “could intrude” […]

Guest Commentary: So where are we now?

One of my evangelical Facebook friends some time ago posted a long open letter to fellow United Methodists. The gist of it was this: The United Methodist Church, as you have known it, is gone. You may not perceive it yet, but you’d better get used to the idea, because that’s the plain and honest […]

A Plea to Every UMC Leader: Elect the Next Generation

The statistics are in and they are as disappointing as they are predictable: the people most likely to be making decisions for the United Methodist Church are those who will spend the least amount of time living with the consequences. According to data from the GCFA, the delegates to the last General conference were overwhelmingly […]

Housing partner set for 2016 General Conference

Nashville, Tenn. — The Commission on General Conference has selected Connections Housing as the official accommodations partner for the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Ore. and the 2020 General Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. Through this partnership with The United Methodist Church’s top legislative body, Connections Housing will manage all aspects of accommodations, including leading and […]