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UM clergy compete on court to fight malaria

By Lisa Diehl, Special Contributor… The opportunity to play basketball brought a young boy to church more than 40 years ago. Today, the man, a United Methodist pastor in the Kansas West Conference, is using those skills to save lives in Africa. The Rev. Kip Ryherd, pastor at Minneola UMC, issued a challenge to his […]

Q&A: Anti-malaria drive passes $26 million

By Sandra Long Weaver, United Methodist News Service… As Imagine No Malaria advocacy days began this month in Washington, D.C., Bishop Thomas Bickerton, who chairs the UMC’s Global Health Initiative, told participants the campaign has already passed the $26 million goal set for Jan. 31, 2013, and is moving toward $40 million by next June. […]

Together in service – Three women connecting as relief leaders

When the earth is torn asunder, when famine, disease or war ravages some faraway, forgotten place, look for Nyamah Dunbar, Shannon Trilli or Melissa Crutchfield and know things will get better. If it sounds as if they should be wearing capes and leaping tall buildings, that’s because if it were possible, these three remarkable young […]