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Recently Read: Misattributing Evil

by Mark Tooley United Methodist Bishop Minerva Carcano of the California-Pacific Conference responded to the Orlando gay nightclub mass murders by a reported pro-ISIS Islamist with the suggestion that her denomination’s traditional marriage teaching is to blame: As I have prayed for the victims of this latest shooting, for the shooter and his family, for […]

Commentary: Time for United Methodists to move forward

While renegade ministers may win praise from a few non-Christians for validating sexual sin (homosexual or heterosexual), this misleads and spiritually harms precious human beings to whom the church should have been ministering in a compassionate, uncompromising, redemptive, and authentically Christian way.

Methodist Federation for Social Action and the Institute on Religion & Democracy weigh in on Schaefer decision

This week’s decision by the UMC’s judicial council to uphold the NE Jurisdiction’s Committee on Appeals decision to reinstate Schaefer brought quick response from many corners.

Scenarios for the Future of the United Methodist Church

Mark Tooley pulls together many of the dynamics and possible future outcomes of the United Methodist Church that are currently in play.

Recently Read: Complaint Filed Against 36 Pennsylvania United Methodist Clergy Who Blessed Gay Wedding

Michael Gryboski of The Christian Post reported Monday that action has begun in response to the actions of 36 UMC clergy last fall. The 36 clergy came together to bless a same-sex wedding at Arch St. UMC in Philadelphia. From the clergy group statement at the time of the wedding: “We acted as a matter […]

Recently Read: It’s time for Mark Tooley to stop bullying Stanley Hauerwas and other pacifists

Morgan Guyton takes on Mark Tooley (president of the Institute on Religion & Democracy) for Tooley’s continued attacks on politicians and church leaders calling for peace: When people make these kinds of accusations flippantly without substantiation, they need to be called to account. Tooley doesn’t give any supporting evidence for this tremendous theological claim, which […]