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Costs are in, implications still debated, in Bishop Bledsoe controversy

The arguments go on about whether the victim in the failed effort to oust Bishop Earl Bledsoe was accountability for bishops or Bishop Bledsoe himself. What’s beyond dispute is that the episode came at a cost, including financial. The South Central Jurisdiction recently paid nearly $100,000 to cover legal fees and other expenses of Bishop […]

Ministry amid poverty remains tough issue for UMC

By Jay Brim, Special Contributor… Back in October, I had the pleasure of riding to a meeting at the UMC’s Southwest Texas Conference center with the Rev. Tina Carter, senior pastor at Parker Lane United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas. Rev. Carter could call herself the Rev. Dr. Carter, since she has a hard-science Ph.D., […]

UMC reformers feeling thwarted by Judicial Council

The frustration level for reformers of the struggling United Methodist Church appeared to reach a new high as the denomination’s Judicial Council struck down the last major reform standing after General Conference 2012. The council, after an Oct. 24-27 meeting outside Chicago that considered 18 cases, ruled that legislation to end guaranteed appointment for ordained […]