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A Plea to Every UMC Leader: Elect the Next Generation

The statistics are in and they are as disappointing as they are predictable: the people most likely to be making decisions for the United Methodist Church are those who will spend the least amount of time living with the consequences. According to data from the GCFA, the delegates to the last General conference were overwhelmingly […]

Book review: “Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry” by Jeremy Steele

Its exploration of Wesleyan history and living isn’t intimidating to a newcomer nor is it too understated for one well-versed in Wesleyan thought and practice.

Imago Dei Film Festival to Promote Discussion

Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama, home church to UMR columnist  Jeremy Steele,  is hosting an Imago Dei film festival at their church this summer for eight weeks. They are showing an assortment of Christian-based films with a discussion period to follow. From the church website: For eight weeks this summer we will be hosting […]

No Proof God Exists (Lessons in Talking to Skeptics)

“If God exists, I want proof.” Almost as if reading a script from my past conversations with atheists and skeptics this person repeated this common question. What do you say? How do you react?

The Skeptic Pastor: Marketing or ministry?

The most disappointing thing about the hospital idea was that serving those people anonymously, caring for their souls and wiping their tears was great advertisement. It was great because it was lifting Jesus up.

Why the Church Could Use a Few More Skeptics

Most people have experienced the awkward moment where someone asks the question about God, faith, life, etc. that everyone has wondered but has left unsaid that has resulted in a hush in the room.