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The UMC’s Messy Language About Sexuality: A Rejoinder To Dr. Thomas Frank

by Chris Ritter When I am confronted by posts with which I viscerally disagree I usually only mumble something to myself and move on. This is what I did with a recent post that suggested that the UMC “sold its soul” when it named “making disciples of Jesus Christ” as the mission of the church. […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The United Methodist Reporter

‘Flat Wesleys’ Help Children Learn, Practice Intentional Discipleship

Children throughout the United Methodist connection are learning about the history of the Methodist movement and practicing intentional discipleship with the help of drawings of John and Charles Wesley called “Flat Wesleys.”

Churches in each annual conference and each central conference are receiving laminated copies of the Flat Wesleys to begin the project, which will continue through September, said Melanie C. Gordon, director of Ministry with Children at Discipleship Ministries.

Wesleyan Wisdom: Do Mr. Wesley’s Insights Help Our Divisiveness?

Dr. Don Haynes gives insight into how Wesley might approach todays divisive debate over homosexuality in the church.

Recently Read: Schism Through a Young United Methodist’s Eyes

Michael Moore grew up as a pastor’s child in the UMC in the North GA Conference and is serving as a Social Justice intern with the Communications Dept. at the General Board of Church & Society. Last week he wrote a post expressing his thoughts on schism as a young adult who cares deeply about his […]

Wesley Bros: Arminian Development

Click image to enlarge to screen size… In honor of a new season of Arrested Development, I thought it was a perfect time to talk about John Wesley’s childhood.  John almost died in a house fire when he was 5.  As an adult, he would look back on this incident and refer to himself as […]

Ten reasons why UM bishops shouldn’t meet in private – from a retired bishop

By Joe E. Pennel Jr., Special Contributor… As one of the retired bishops I join those who are concerned about the active bishops meeting as a closed “forum,” as they are scheduled to do in San Diego from May 5-8. The word “forum” is a public word. Its derivation comes from the open space or […]

Faith in Action: Wesleyan message losing out, but it need not be so

Recently there has been a lot of talk in social media about the “visibility” of the Wesleyan message in the larger culture.

Methodists can generally expect to be heard by other Methodists. But are they being heard “out there” in the wider world? Is their message reaching the unchurched, especially?

Leaning toward faith – Virginia Wesleyan students buck secular stereotype

By Elizabeth Blachman, Special Contributor… NORFOLK, Va.—Popular wisdom would have you believe that college students brush the dust of family religions off their boots and spend four years in a hedonistic orgy of binge drinking and casual sex. Add to that the undergraduate propensity for questioning everything, and the result may be what George Marsden […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Back on the trail of Methodist roots, 1738-1784

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of columns tracing the footsteps of John Wesley. Let’s take a look at Wesley in the spring of 1738. Back in London since early February after his difficult pastorate in Georgia, he first met with trustees to explain why he was breaking contract and coming home […]