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Walden’s Words: A new year, a new normal

A new year can bring new possibilities and new opportunities.  A new year can offer new ways of thinking, being, doing, and existing in the world. New Year resolutions can be effective, but too often people find themselves unwilling to let go of the familiar routine of eating, living, lack of physical activity, certain habits, […]

Walden’s Words: Thank You!

The month of November includes a major holiday when people display gratitude — Thanksgiving. Millions of people will gather with family, friends, and a good meal to share stories of thanks. Millions will also watch the National Football League (NFL) on television (TV). One of the best parts about watching the football game on TV […]

Walden’s Words: Costumes versus Uniforms

During the month of October millions of people acknowledge Halloween in unique ways.   This October 31st will most likely not be an exception to that rule, for I have seen a plethora of costumes for persons of all ages for sale in the stores.  As a child, some of my first costumes were of Superman […]