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Recently Read: The wetlands where church and social ventures meet

Mike Baughman, a frequent contributor here at the United Methodist Reporter, shares thoughts on the church’s impact on social change after visiting the Social Capital Markets Conference in “The Wetlands Where Church and Social Ventures Meet“. ..I found inspiration, hope and God at work beyond the walls of the church. I found fertile ground that […]

Generation Wesley – John Wesley Fellows keep founder’s flame alive

John Wesley is long gone, but a fellowship program bearing his name is going strong and helping to keep his approach to theology alive. Since 1977, the John Wesley Fellowship Program has provided grants each year to about 20 United Methodist seminary students as they pursue doctoral degrees. As part of the Fellowship, the students […]

Considering seminary? Ask yourself these questions

By Kenda Creasy Dean, Special Contributor Right about now, my inbox starts to fill up with inquiries about seminary. Here’s what I usually tell people who are in the seminary discernment process. It’s true what they say: What you get out of seminary depends mostly on what you put into it. There are superb faculty—and […]