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United announces second annual Women in Ministry and Leadership Conference

DATE:  July 10, 2014 DAYTON, OH – United Theological Seminary announces the second annual Deborah’s Daughters Women in Ministry and Leadership Conference, to be held October 22-24, 2014, at the seminary’s main campus at 4501 Denlinger Road, Dayton, OH and at the Hilton Garden Inn in Beavercreek, OH. Recent research tells us that women are […]

The paradox of our time: We are at an end and a beginning

*By Rev. Tom Hazelwood, Director of Connectional Ministries, Memphis Conference The paradox before the United Methodist Church is this: we are in the throes of what some say is death; yet I believe we are actually in the pangs of birth. “Doing church” as we have for the last hundred years is simply not sustainable and […]

Recently Read: The Church Needs More Innovative Pastors like MTV Needs More Twerking*

Patrick Scriven, Director of Communications and Young People’s Ministries in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, offers this insightful analysis critiquing the call that seems to permeate the UMC these days calling for more innovative pastors: The next time I hear a pastor argue that what the church really needs is more innovative pastors I might […]

Thinking outside of the box for pastoral leadership.

Who is providing pastoral leadership in United Methodist Churches?  Many of us think that seminary educated elders are providing the pastoral leadership for United Methodist churches, but here in the Tennessee Conference (where I live and work) and in many other conferences, the majority of United Methodist churches are not being served by seminary educated […]

KidMin Insights: Leadership Lessons from Home Depot

James obviously loved being a Home Depot employee. I could feel his enthusiasm and dedication, but I longed for more details. What made working in the “Home and Garden” department at Home Depot so special? What could I and the church learn from his experience?

A view from the balcony of COR’s Leadership Institute

Sky McCracken reflects on his time at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute 2013.

Recently Read: Clergy anger and the urgency of a true spiritual life

Tom Bandy offers an excellent reflection on the increase in clergy depression, and its source at Ministry Matters: The reason many clergy are depressed is that they are angry. And the reason that they are angry is that they are consistently victimized by dysfunctional bullies who wield power inside the church. Victimization is about emotional, […]

Walden’s Words: Team work makes a team work

Ken Walden unpacks the importance of the team for a successful ministry:
“In my civilian pastoral ministry, I understand how essential components interact together as it relates to leadership, followership, and delegation. All three should be applied and equally celebrated within a faith community. Congregational life should be a team effort at almost every level. I think the military does a good job in making clear distinctions in roles and responsibilities.”

Learning from Adam Hamilton’s homily at National Cathedral

By Ben Gosden, Special Contributor… Like many proud United Methodists I watched the Rev. Adam Hamilton give the homily at the National Prayer Service this past Tuesday. The service was in the historic National Cathedral and celebrated our religious diversity in America. To have a United Methodist pastor give the sermon for such an event […]