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Answering back on gay issue

In his letter (Reporter, March 1), the Rev. Al Milligan writes, “Everyone who has come into the world, without exception, is the result of a male and female union.” Does this mean he does not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus? He adds: “. . . but it is self-evident that the purpose of […]

Thoughts on disability and race taken wrongly

As the editor, and one of 25 authors for Speaking Out: Gifts of Ministering Undeterred by Disabilities, I feel called to reply to Lynda R. Byrd’s recent Letter to the Editor (Reporter, Jan. 18). It saddens me that she thought I said being black is an African-American person’s disability. In January 1970, as part of […]

Skin color is not a disability

From time to time statements surface that illuminate how far the United Methodist Church is from truly living out its tenets of concern for equality, and racial and social justice. The Dec. 14 Reporter article on Speaking Out, a book by UM clergy with disabilities, disclosed an alarming reality. One of the contributors to the […]

Quadrilateral can guide in sexuality debate

In reply to the Oct. 5 letter to the editor in the Reporter: God created us all and in God’s creation we are all diverse. Our skin, hair and eye color are all diverse, and each color has a range of colors in it. Our size, height, weight and feet are all diverse and have […]