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Baltimore-Washington clergy vote not to commission deacon

Clergy members of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, meeting June 1 in an Executive Session, did not approve Tara “T.C.” Morrow for commissioning as a Deacon in The United Methodist Church. Morrow failed to receive the two-thirds of the vote needed to be approved. Morrow, who is woman married to another woman, became a litmus test […]

Reconciling Ministries launches campaign for 2016 General Conference

Chicago, IL — The Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) announced today that they have launched a new advocacy campaign directed toward changing The United Methodist Church’s teachings on the acceptance of GLBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage. The It’s Time campaign is focused around a new web presence which RMN says enables “. . . supporters and allies […]

Michigan pastor camps out to protest trial delay

Marquette, MI — It’s cold in Michigan this time of year. But the snow has not deterred the Rev. Michael Tupper from pitching his tent in the front of the First United Methodist Church of Marquette to protest what he believes is an unreasonable delay by Marquette District Superintendent Rev. Elbert P. Dulworth in processing […]