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Liberia’s United Methodists keep ban on divorced clergy becoming Bishops

(RNS) In the United States, United Methodists are fighting about whether to allow clergy to marry gay couples. In Liberia, divorce is on the line. The United Methodist Church in Liberia recently voted to uphold a long-standing provision barring divorced clergy from running for the office of the bishop. The church’s leaders say the ban […]

Orphans abandoned, shunned in Africa’s Ebola crisis

“I went to my relatives after my mother died, but they chased me away, even after I told them that I didn’t have Ebola,” said Frank, 12, who tested negative for Ebola at the hospital where his mother died.

Satellite success – A high-tech Methodist connection occurs in Liberia

By Mark Webb, Special Contributor… It’s the end of November 2012, the week after Thanksgiving, and the rainy season has come to an end. Mike Ashdown and I are here to install a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system in rural Liberia, to provide Internet access at a Methodist mission station. As we travel the […]

Trained volunteers bring healing in Liberia

GANTA, Liberia—On a dreary, rainy Monday, Dorothy Payetee starts singing a hymn. Soon others join in and slowly begin to file into the small cinderblock building that serves as the village’s gathering place. Today it is mostly mothers and children because many of the villagers are already out busy with daily chores. Ms. Payetee, a […]

Bees, snails, Moringa trees boost agriculture in Liberia

TUNUKUK PUYE, Liberia—The Rev. Joe Gatei pulls the baggy, mint-green net suit over his Sunday clothes. Knee-high black rubber boots, red heavyweight plastic gloves and a straw hat with an attached net veil make him look like a giant Gumby. With every inch of him protected, he is ready to visit the aggressive wild African […]

Library under construction at Liberia seminary

By Vicki Brown, Special Contributor… A new $300,000 library to replace the building looted during Liberia’s civil war is under construction on the campus of the Gbarnga School of Theology. “The library was up to first floor level when I left for school in early January,” said the Rev. Yatta Young, dean of the seminary. […]