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Oklahoma climbs back after multiple tornadoes

MOORE, OKLA — St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Moore, Okla., set up for survivors of the previous week’s tornado, shut down at 4 p.m. May 31. Six hours later, the shelter reopened after yet another twister swept through the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. “They really had not gotten everything out of the door when the […]

For CBS series producer, focus on faith is key

NEW YORK—When John P. “Jack” Blessington of CBS worked with a United Methodist congregation in Manhattan on a televised Christmas Eve service, he looked beyond the seasonal trappings to see how the church was living out the gospel. Along with the carols and readings, A Christmas for Everyone, which aired in 2010, included a focus […]

Global Ministries photographer had eye on King

A year to the day before the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated, the civil rights leader made a major public speech against the war in Vietnam. John C. Goodwin, then 25 years old, was at Riverside Church in New York to document it. His photographs of King from that day and several other […]

UMC launches new ecumenical, interfaith office

On any given Sunday, more Christians are attending worship services in China than in the United States or Europe. That is one indicator of the challenges presented by a changing world of ecumenism as the United Methodist Church reorganizes how it addresses issues of Christian unity and relationships with other faiths. After a denominational vote […]

2013 hunger report: Goals are ‘within reach’

Sometimes, reducing childhood malnutrition and mortality can be as easy as substituting one crop for another. That has been the result of a United Methodist initiative in the Kamina area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which farmers were introduced to moringa and soybean as replacements for nutrient-poor cassava. For June Kim, an executive […]

Church’s relief efforts continue at home, overseas

A late-season hurricane that swept the U.S. Northeast coast and a typhoon flooding the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines capped disaster-response efforts by United Methodists during 2012. Although Typhoon Bopha made a deadly hit on Dec. 4—killing at least 600 and washing away entire villages—many people were better prepared because of disaster risk-reduction […]