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Many worshippers still ‘waiting for a sign’

By Susan Green, Special Contributor… LAKELAND, Fla.—For the parishioners shepherded by the Rev. Lisa Jordan, believing is seeing—literally. “We don’t include a lot of music in our worship,” said the pastor from the Washington, D.C., area during a visit in March to the Florida Conference. “We depend more on visual forms instead of rhythm and […]

All In – Don’t look now, but Methodists are getting dunked

The Rev. David Lee had a request this summer from a girl finishing confirmation class. She wanted to be baptized by immersion. Mr. Lee, in his second clergy appointment, had never done a baptism that way. And the church, Covenant UMC in Charlotte, N.C., had no place to immerse anyone. But a woman helping with […]

Kids’ stuff – The tricky art of the children’s sermon

If you’ve attended United Methodist churches long enough, you probably recognize this squirm-worthy scene: A pastor seated on the floor, trying to cue the kids to say the darnedest things. Or, it’s a well-intended layperson, slogging through a wordy message. Surrounding the speaker are wriggly children who aren’t paying much attention. It’s the gone-awry version […]