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How old is too old to join UM clergy?

The Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church has proposed changing its minimum standards for clergy to discourage people over 45 from becoming candidates for ordained ministry. The conference’s board of ordained ministry is seeking feedback through September this year and does not plan to make any final decision on its standards until October. But […]

Giving your best: No room for slack

By Lovett H. Weems Jr., Special Contributor… A phrase made popular by management writer Philip Crosby is, “Quality is free.” It reminds us that efforts to ensure that work is done right do not cost us time and money. It is the errors that cost. Just think how much extra time and effort are required […]

Leaders: Ethnic diversity critical to church future

CHICAGO—Just about everyone agrees that the United Methodist Church needs to draw more people and younger people to reverse decades of declining membership in the United States. Add to the list the need to bring more people of color into the United Methodist fold. That was an overarching theme of a Nov. 29-Dec. 1 meeting […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: UMC should pay heed to the ‘tsunami’ prophets

Two true prophets of United Methodism are Len Sweet and Lovett Weems.  Both cut their teeth in what many people would consider cultural back eddies: West Virginia and Mississippi. Both are being ridiculed in some quarters as prophets of doom because, standing on the bridge of the Titanic, they see what the captain in the […]