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United Methodist Judicial Council rules on sexuality related issues

BALTIMORE, Md — The Judicial Council, the top court of the United Methodist Church, has issued its rulings for their fall docket and has ordered Bishop James Dorff to issue a ruling of law as to whether the Southwest Texas board of ordained ministry acted appropriately in the the removal of Mary Ann (Kaiser) Barclay […]

Wilson: Bishop’s decision was political and not spiritual

by Jarrell Wilson* There is only word that comes to mind to describe the action of Bishop Dorff concerning the rule of law called for by Reverend John Elford – cowardly. Cowardly is the word that comes to mind, but a word that suits it better is political. Bishops are good politicians, and politicians get […]

Bishop makes ruling in Southwest Texas Ordination Case

SAN ANTONIO, Tex — Bishop James E. Dorff of the San Antonio Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church issued his ruling of law today regarding the discontinuance of the candidacy of Mary Ann Kaiser, determining that the request for a ruling was “moot and hypothetical” and that he would offer “…no decision on the […]